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When people face challenging situations in the workplace, they are denied a fair chance to earn a living based on their merits. There are laws that offer workers protection against discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Our extensive experience with those laws allows us to offer people real help when they are facing:

  • Wrongful termination — Employees have a number of protections. If you were terminated due to race, gender, age, disability, religion or for some protected action you took, you may have a claim for wrongful termination.
  • Sexual harassmentSexual harassment can take many forms and can be part of hiring, keeping your job, securing a promotion or avoiding termination.
  • Gender/pregnancy discrimination — Discrimination based on gender or pregnancy status can impact your ability to work in many ways. If you have been discriminated against based on your gender or pregnancy status, come discuss your situation with our attorneys.
  • Hostile work environments — Harassment and discrimination do not need to be directed specifically at you to be illegal. Your work environment can be illegally hostile to classes of people in general.
  • Race discriminationRace discrimination, whether it is out in the open or it is hidden, has no place at work. We can help you take action against an employer who has discriminated against you based on your race.
  • Wage and hour disputes — Have you not been paid for all of the hours you have worked? Denial of overtime, misclassification of employees, being forced to work through breaks and other issues can all be used by an employer to avoid paying you what you've earned.

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At Randolph M. James, P.C., we know the laws that protect employees against discrimination and harassment. With more than three decades of employment law experience we know how to build strong cases that protect employees' rights and help them level the playing field against their employers. Lawyer Randolph M. James began practicing law in 1981. In the decades since, he has built a very strong reputation as an aggressive defender of his clients' rights and best interests.

Randy James has been a private pilot for decades. He relies on his pilot's license to help him serve people all across North Carolina.

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