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Business litigation: Put contracts in writing to avoid a dispute

If you operate a business in the state of North Carolina, chances are, you have a few contracts with different parties. Examples of business contracts include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Sales agreements
  • Vendor or supplier contracts
  • Lease agreements

When the person on the other side of an agreement fails to fulfill his or her obligations, this is a breach of contract. In many cases, these contract disputes lead to business litigation. Having all of your business contracts put down in writing protects you and your company when or if a dispute does occur.

Don't believe these workplace sexual harassment myths

When you acquire employment doing work that you enjoy, chances are you don't want to "rock the boat" by tattling on your co-workers or supervisors. At the same time, experiencing sexual harassment at work can suck all of the contentment you initially felt out of your job. Without a doubt, these situations can have a lasting effect on your job enjoyment as well as other areas of your life.

You have three options when sexual harassment occurs. You can try to ignore it, you can look for another job or you can work to end the behavior with help from an employment law professional. Many victims choose one of the first two options because they believe certain myths surrounding such behaviors.

Defending yourself against a construction defect claim

When you think about the volume of construction defect claims against contractors in America, it is a wonder anyone is willing to enter this industry. Still, many people take on these risks because they like the work, and it gives them enough income to provide for their families. If a defect dispute does arise, North Carolina contractors need help from a legal professional, and they need it as fast as possible.

In our Winston-Salem construction law practice, we have helped many contractors rise above allegations that they engaged in shoddy workmanship or failed to address a defect. At the same time, we have seen others give up on finding a way to defend against defect claims. We want to tell all of the contractors operating in our state that there are ways to overcome these legal hardships.

Sexual harassment isn't just unwanted advances at work

Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms. Quite a few people associate sexual harassment primarily with a boss or manager who flirts with or otherwise engages in unwanted sexual interactions with their subordinates.

However, this is not the only circumstance that could result in sexual harassment and create a hostile workplace environment. For example, clients or customers at a business could be the source of sexual harassment, not a co-worker or boss.

What does retaliation after reporting sex harassment look like?

One of the most disturbing effects of sexual harassment at work is feeling fearful about what might happen if you report it. Will the harasser talk about you behind your back? Will your boss fire you? Will the harasser become violent or more persistent? Will your coworkers and superiors believe you and support you?

These are the questions that victims of workplace sexual harassment in North Carolina ask themselves as they struggle to deal with the situation. Victims of harassment who have reported the problem may also find it difficult to recognize signs of retaliation. An attorney can help you determine whether you are or have been a victim of retaliatory actions.

The consequences of a brain injury can affect your entire life

We hope you or a loved one never suffers a personal injury severe enough to cause traumatic brain injury. The consequences of such an injury can affect the lives of victims for weeks, months, years or forever. In many cases, victims can expect long term treatment, costing many thousands of dollars. Our lawyers know that most North Carolina residents do not have enough money to pay for treatment on a long term basis.

When a personal injury affecting the brain occurs due to negligence, victims may have a chance to seek compensation from the responsible party. As you might expect, this compensation can provide the funds needed to manage a brain injury. Without compensation, victims typically cannot pay for necessary medical care or cover expensive changes to their lifestyles in the wake of the injury.

What should supervisors do when sexual harassment is reported?

In North Carolina, many workers struggle with different forms of harassment. A recent report from Oxfam ranks North Carolina among the five states with the worst working conditions. Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to plague employees in some organizations.

Those who choose to report sexual harassment to a supervisor are taking a significant and often difficult step. It is reasonable for these victims to expect an equally big response to their complaints. If you have suffered sexual harassment at work, you may wonder what your supervisors will do if you decide to file a complaint.

Business litigation: Types of intellectual property to protect

In the modern world, North Carolina successful business owners have a great many things to juggle. As such, it is conceivable that one or two critical issues might go overlooked. Intellectual property is one such issue that business people often fail to address. Unfortunately, intellectual property theft or infringement is one of the most common reasons for business litigation.

Why is intellectual property so important? In most cases, this type of property helps consumers identify reputable brands, which can build valuable trust between a company and consumers. If another company infringes upon this property, you could lose at least part of your customer base.

Time is critical when construction defects arise

Many American citizens choose to purchase an existing home, but for many, the big dream is having a home built especially for them. A home from scratch means that you get to choose the options you want in your house. Examples include having a say in its design, choosing the color scheme and picking out the home's flooring.

Building your own home can make you happy, but such an undertaking may also force you into the realm of civil law if a serious construction flaw should arise. Sometimes construction defects appear right away, but other times, it may take a long time for problems to surface. In all cases, time is critical when you are looking for a way to resolve the situation.

Take these steps before formally reporting sexual harassment

Here is a scenario for you to consider. You go to work every day and perform your duties as required despite ongoing sexual harassment on the part of a superior. You have told him or her that you are not interested and asked that the behaviors cease. Unfortunately, the harassment continues. Should you file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at this stage?

You could go ahead and report to the EEOC but taking a few more steps could improve your chances of finding a satisfactory remedy. In our North Carolina employment law practice, we have seen many sexual harassment victims fail in their efforts to seek a solution through the EEOC. It is not because the EEOC does not care about your suffering. In most cases, it is because you have not exhausted your resources in resolving the matter.


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