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City seeks damages against North Carolina builder

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, the Tar Heel State relies on quality construction for its millions of homes and businesses. This can range from good maintenance of older structures dating back as far as the 18th century to the new buildings with modern materials that spring up out of modern blueprints. When contractors and other builders get it wrong, they must be held accountable.

Construction can be a complicated and dangerous undertaking. The tools involved onsite and during fabrication can be deadly if misused, and foundations can extend for yards into earth that holds unknown materials. A Hillsborough contractor is facing some heat after a project in Texas allegedly cost a city thousands of dollars in repair costs.

What are the different types of construction defects that exist?

New home construction is a big business here in North Carolina. Many banks require prospective homeowners to see to it that certain phases of their home's construction are completed at certain intervals to remain eligible for financing. This means that contractors have to get their hands on materials and work fast to get things done. These tight deadlines often result in construction defects happening.

Construction defects can't always be blamed on contractors. They're errors that architects, engineers and manufacturers of building materials may be responsible for as well. It doesn't matter who makes such errors. A construction defect can affect how a structure is built or holds up. It can be both costly and cause additional damage to the property.

Transgender nurse's aide alleges harassment

A nurse's aide in another state recently filed a federal lawsuit alleging that she was discriminated against by other staff because she was transgender.

The plaintiff alleges that other aides in her workplace, aggressively bullied her. According to the petition for damages that was filed, in addition to the shaming and bullying, these workmates told her that she needed to pray for forgiveness from her sins or be a hell-bound soul.

Preparation is vital when your company faces business litigation

The prospect of business litigation can strike fear into the heart of any North Carolina entrepreneur. It usually comes when you least expect it and without an immediate response on your behalf, it can wreak total havoc on your company. Even if you are the one pursuing a lawsuit, preparation is always your best answer to litigation.

Of course, sound legal counsel can help you anytime you face business litigation, but even so, you will want to prepare for the process. The tips below can help you prepare yourself and your company for the prospect of a lawsuit. Good preparation is a great way to understand litigation and put your company's best foot forward.

Report sexual harassment if you've been harassed on the job

When you're working, you have the right to work in an environment that is free of sexual harassment and discrimination. Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome requests for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, and other kinds of physical conduct or verbal harassment of a sexual nature that is unwanted and unwarranted. These acts are considered sexual harassment when it's made implicit or explicitly stated that submission to the conduct is a term or condition of the continued employment of the individual. It is also sexual harassment if failing to submit to these actions is used as a basis for decisions surrounding employment or causes an unreasonable workplace environment.

What are some examples of hostile work environments?

Empower yourself to stand up against workplace sexual harassment

One of the most troubling emotional aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace is how quickly it can make a strong individual feel victimized. No one ever wants to feel powerless and weak or helpless to prevent unwanted workplace behaviors.

At the same time, many who experience sexual harassment still wish to keep their jobs. What can potential victims in North Carolina do to protect themselves from such behaviors?

Business litigation: available damages for breach of contract

Nearly all entrepreneurs and business owners rely on contracts to keep their operations running smoothly. When used correctly, contracts provide effective protection for all involved parties. Unfortunately, sometimes one or more parties choose to ignore the terms of a contract, which can lead to litigation.

The wronged party in a contract dispute can suffer damage in many ways. Examples include loss of profits, loss of services and even loss of customers. These parties need a way to mitigate their losses so that they can continue operating their businesses efficiently.

Always watch for signs of nursing home abuse in your loved ones

Most modern families are busy with jobs, kids and a slew of different activities. When an elderly loved one requires specialized care or near-constant supervision, the logical option for many is to place them into a nursing home. This allows the adults in a family to continue working and taking care of their children.

Most nursing homes in North Carolina take wonderful care of elder patients. However, the risk of nursing home abuse is always something to watch for. Elderly people are especially vulnerable to harm, which means that even a seemingly minor personal injury can be catastrophic for them.

What can you do if you find a defect in your new home?

Your new house in beautiful North Carolina is finally complete, and you're ready to move in. This is the moment of your dreams--taking possession of a brand new, freshly built family home. Everything is perfect, or so you believe, until you notice moisture on your walls or a sagging floor. It looks like some kind of defect has occurred to mar your experience.

This is a tale told by many residents in the Winston-Salem region. Since you have just spent a large sum of money on your home, repairing the defect at your expense is out of the question. Besides, you didn't cause the defect so why should you cover its repair? You shouldn't pay for someone else's mistake, and fortunately, you don't have to, according to the latest construction laws.

Do you recognize sexual harassment when you see it?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is still terribly common. In some industries, sexual harassment is so prevalent that people essentially get numb to some of the actions they see.

Keeping in mind that sexual harassment can involve people of any gender and can come from coworkers as well as people in a position of power over the victim, here's what sexual harassment can look like:

  • Your shift supervisor tells you that he'll let you off the day you requested if you agree to go out with him.
  • Your coworker pins you against a cooler and forces a kiss.
  • Your cubicle partner at the office "jokingly" propositions you for sex.
  • Your boss constantly runs her hands over your shoulders, leans on you, touches your face and otherwise acts intimately with you.
  • Your co-workers think it's entertaining to discuss their sexual escapades and fantasies during the shift.
  • One of your co-workers flashes you and laughs.
  • You find obscene jokes in your email or vulgar notes left on your desk.
  • Your supervisor makes rude comments about your looks or physical attributes.


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