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Time is critical when construction defects arise

Many American citizens choose to purchase an existing home, but for many, the big dream is having a home built especially for them. A home from scratch means that you get to choose the options you want in your house. Examples include having a say in its design, choosing the color scheme and picking out the home's flooring.

Building your own home can make you happy, but such an undertaking may also force you into the realm of civil law if a serious construction flaw should arise. Sometimes construction defects appear right away, but other times, it may take a long time for problems to surface. In all cases, time is critical when you are looking for a way to resolve the situation.

Take these steps before formally reporting sexual harassment

Here is a scenario for you to consider. You go to work every day and perform your duties as required despite ongoing sexual harassment on the part of a superior. You have told him or her that you are not interested and asked that the behaviors cease. Unfortunately, the harassment continues. Should you file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) at this stage?

You could go ahead and report to the EEOC but taking a few more steps could improve your chances of finding a satisfactory remedy. In our North Carolina employment law practice, we have seen many sexual harassment victims fail in their efforts to seek a solution through the EEOC. It is not because the EEOC does not care about your suffering. In most cases, it is because you have not exhausted your resources in resolving the matter.

People of the same gender as you can still sexually harass you

Our society has become more open to speaking about sexual harassment in the workplace. Despite major progress in this area, there are still many pervasive myths about sexual harassment that may prevent some victims from speaking up about the abuse they endure at their place of employment.

For example, many people imagine that sexual harassment involves a man in a position of authority using their role to coerce sexual favors from women or get a free pass on creepy or offensive comments. However, men can be victims of sexual harassment, too. Women can harass male employees just as easily as men can harass their female co-workers and subordinates.

Gender discrimination at work can be a form of sexual harassment

In many cases, gender discrimination in the workplace is separate from sexual harassment. An employee can suffer either one or both of these federally prohibited activities in the North Carolina work environment.

Our attorneys want to make certain residents of the state understand both violations in terms of employment law. This understanding will make it easier for employees to identify any form of workplace mistreatment and take the proper course of action to secure a remedy.

What are some of the most common construction defects?

Defects in construction are one of the leading causes of litigation between contractors, subcontractors and property owners. Fortunately, the law offers a platform through which harmed parties can find a satisfactory solution. Because these defects range from design issues to actual construction, it is a complicated field of law that most people do not fully grasp.

To help all parties identify construction defects in North Carolina, this post will discuss some of the more common flaws that plague new builds. It is a good idea for those harmed by these or other defects to take their story to a construction law attorney for guidance.

Male employees also suffer from sexual harassment at work

When most people think about workplace sexual harassment, they typically envision a woman suffering harassment at the hands of a male superior. It is a fact that most cases of such harassment at work do center on female victims. However, men are also victims of harassment, many of them turning to an employment law professional for help.

We understand that issues involving undesired sexual behaviors are difficult for male workers to discuss. For many, taking legal action to stop the behavior is out of the question. Men do not want to risk their status as strong males who are completely in charge of their lives. While this is understandable, doing nothing sets the stage for continued harassment of you and your co-workers.

You have options when your attorney doesn't do their job for you

You hired a lawyer because you needed expert legal representation. You got hurt in a car crash, and you needed to bring a civil suit against the driver responsible. Maybe you were driving and needed to defend yourself against accusations from someone else. People also need attorneys to negotiate contracts or even defend them against criminal charges.

Regardless of why you hire your attorney, you trust them to fulfill their obligation and provide good advice and adequate legal representation. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen.

Construction law disputes and the benefits of arbitration

The construction industry is often fraught with different types of legal disputes. Contractors may face accusations of performing substandard work. Developers may face accusations of not paying contractors. Subcontractors may face accusations of not fulfilling their contract requirements.

These issues, as well as many others, harm all of the involved parties, especially if the construction law dispute leads to litigation. As such, it is safe to assume that in most cases, finding a resolution outside of the court is the best course of action.

How hard is it to prove a wrongful death lawsuit?

When the negligent actions of another party rob you of someone you love, you may wish to learn more about wrongful death lawsuits. Even if you have no plans to file such a suit, knowing a few details about the process can help if change your mind.

A part of the personal injury field of law, victims of wrongful death choose to pursue legal action for many reasons, including:

  • Substantial financial hardships from losing the family's main wage earner
  • Debilitating emotional damage over the loss of companionship
  • Wanting to protect other members of the Winston-Salem community from negligence
  • Seeking to honor the deceased by holding all responsible parties to account in a legal setting

Tips to avoid litigation over contract disputes

Business litigation is an area of concern that all business owners in North Carolina share. It is costly, time-consuming and it can destroy the sterling professional reputation you have worked so hard to achieve. While business litigation can occur for many different reasons, a contract dispute is one of the most common.

Like all business owners, you have probably entered into contracts with vendors, other businesses, employees and many other entities. As such, avoiding disputes involving your contracts is probably a major goal.


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