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North Carolina plane crash leaves 2 women with extensive injuries

A 23-year-old woman was left in critical condition and three others were injured in a small plane crash in North Carolina.

The crash occurred at Gray's Creek Airport near Fayetteville. Three of the four on board were students in a workforce development program, and aviation careers were the topic of the day's demonstration.

North Carolina woman alleges sexual harassment, sues ex-employer

A North Carolina woman is suing a national organization, contending her former boss sexually harassed her during her employment at a state chapter of the group.

She is seeking at least $15 million for assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress in the lawsuit, which was filed in Durham, North Carolina. The woman also named her former boss in the suit, which says the national organization did nothing to stop his alleged behavior.

Why people stay quiet about sexual harassment

Have you ever seen sexual harassment happen to someone else in the workplace and just kept your head down, trying not to get involved? Have you ever experienced it yourself and decided not to say anything? Maybe you just hoped that it wouldn't happen again and you tried to move forward with your life.

It happens a lot. For every sexual harassment case that you hear about in the news, there are plenty of people in similar situations who say nothing. Why is this?

Home inspections a wise investment even with new construction

You've watched the construction of your new home every step of the way. You chose the lot, watched as workers laid the foundation. You were there the day the siding went up, saw the installation of the windows.

You're confident that new home in the Winston-Salem area is perfect.

Power imbalances can lead to sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace stems from many different things, and each case is unique. However, power imbalances often play heavily into the equation.

Experts have even gone so far as to say that this type of harassment is really just a "manifestation of power relations." They note that this is often why women find themselves as the victims, with men as the perpetrators. You can find counter-examples to this, and anyone can be victimized. However, women traditionally find themselves getting harassed because they often have less power than men in the workplace.

North Carolina woman alleges sexual harassment, discrimination

A woman in western North Carolina is suing her former employer, a grocery store chain, Ingles. She contends that she was sexually harassed on the job and was fired after she complained to the store manager.

The woman, 54, said she was the object of sexually suggestive comments and inappropriate gestures from the assistant store manager. She said the man told her more than once that he wanted to have sex with her and he also touched her shoulders, which the woman didn't want.

A primer for plaintiffs, defendants in breach of contract cases

You've entered into a contract with another party, and that party doesn't seem to be following the terms. How can you tell if that individual or organization is in breach of contract?

In general, for the terms of a contract to have been broken, these four conditions must exist:

  1. The contract must have all of the essential elements that make it valid.
  2. The plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant didn't fulfill parts of the contract.
  3. The plaintiff must have done what was required on their end.
  4. The defendant must have been notified of the alleged breach before a lawsuit is filed. Doing so in writing is best because it creates a paper trail.

Don't let sexual harassment get in the way of your work day

Anyone who goes to work knows that there is a potential that sexual harassment could happen in the workplace. Sexual harassment is a type of sexual discrimination. As a result of that categorization, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects men and women against sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment can include many different kinds of acts such as:

  • Requests for sexual favors
  • Physical or verbal conduct of a sexual nature when it affects a person's employment or work
  • Sexual conduct that intimidates or creates a hostile, offensive work environment

Who tells a joke may determine how offensive it is

Sexual harassment in the workplace often gets disguised as a joke. Someone may tell an insulting joke about a certain gender, for instance, or insist that their sexual comments about a co-worker were "just a joke" and were not anything too serious.

The lines here get blurry in a lot of cases. Was the person joking? Was it really offensive? Did they mean to attack someone and then lie about it being a joke after the fact? Did they honestly think the joke was funny and not understand how anyone could be offended by it?

Former employee sues Raleigh contractor over time-off request

Business owners wouldn't get very far without the quality employees who build their practices and gain them clients. But this universal truth has not stopped some employers from unfairly restricting their workers' needs. When all else fails, it may be time to bring a lawsuit against a business and convince them to either do the right thing or pay the price for failing to do it.

A former employee who volunteered to help the U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq is facing a similar situation when it comes to his faith. The man in question is a practicing Muslim who moved from Iraq to the United States and got a job with a Raleigh-based contractor in 2015. He then became a naturalized U.S. citizen in the same year that he asked for time off for a major Muslim holiday.


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