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Male employees also suffer from sexual harassment at work

When most people think about workplace sexual harassment, they typically envision a woman suffering harassment at the hands of a male superior. It is a fact that most cases of such harassment at work do center on female victims. However, men are also victims of harassment, many of them turning to an employment law professional for help.

We understand that issues involving undesired sexual behaviors are difficult for male workers to discuss. For many, taking legal action to stop the behavior is out of the question. Men do not want to risk their status as strong males who are completely in charge of their lives. While this is understandable, doing nothing sets the stage for continued harassment of you and your co-workers.

We also realize that male workplace sexual harassment victims feel alone in their suffering. It may relieve you to know that in 2018, nearly 16% of the workers who filed sexual harassment charges were men. In fact, over the last nine years, this percentage has remained fairly consistent. This means that men are indeed standing up for their right to a work environment free of harassment.

Workplace sexual harassment against men occurs much more often than you may think, even here in North Carolina. Our employment law attorneys would like to see more men take action against these unwanted and harmful behaviors. The nation's labor laws give everyone the right to take a stand against harassment regardless of their gender or the gender of the alleged harasser.

We encourage you to learn more about how employment law can help you put a stop to unwanted workplace behaviors. Reading more on our website and in our blog is a great way to start.

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