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Why arbitration is ideal for resolving construction disputes

Arbitration is a type of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This approach to resolving differences with another party contrasts with litigation. Many construction contracts include arbitration clauses in them. These require homeowners and contractors to try to resolve their differences with the help of an arbitrator or mediator instead of in a North Carolina courtroom in front of a judge.

How scope creep can lead to litigation

If you are a contractor, you may already have experienced some of the adverse effects of scope creep. A recent report on construction disputes by an international consultancy group determined that this serious problem was the No. 1 factor in disputes across seven different industries, including:

City seeks damages against North Carolina builder

From the Great Smoky Mountains to the Outer Banks, the Tar Heel State relies on quality construction for its millions of homes and businesses. This can range from good maintenance of older structures dating back as far as the 18th century to the new buildings with modern materials that spring up out of modern blueprints. When contractors and other builders get it wrong, they must be held accountable.

What are the different types of construction defects that exist?

New home construction is a big business here in North Carolina. Many banks require prospective homeowners to see to it that certain phases of their home's construction are completed at certain intervals to remain eligible for financing. This means that contractors have to get their hands on materials and work fast to get things done. These tight deadlines often result in construction defects happening.

What can you do if you find a defect in your new home?

Your new house in beautiful North Carolina is finally complete, and you're ready to move in. This is the moment of your dreams--taking possession of a brand new, freshly built family home. Everything is perfect, or so you believe, until you notice moisture on your walls or a sagging floor. It looks like some kind of defect has occurred to mar your experience.

Defending yourself against a construction defect claim

When you think about the volume of construction defect claims against contractors in America, it is a wonder anyone is willing to enter this industry. Still, many people take on these risks because they like the work, and it gives them enough income to provide for their families. If a defect dispute does arise, North Carolina contractors need help from a legal professional, and they need it as fast as possible.

Time is critical when construction defects arise

Many American citizens choose to purchase an existing home, but for many, the big dream is having a home built especially for them. A home from scratch means that you get to choose the options you want in your house. Examples include having a say in its design, choosing the color scheme and picking out the home's flooring.

What are some of the most common construction defects?

Defects in construction are one of the leading causes of litigation between contractors, subcontractors and property owners. Fortunately, the law offers a platform through which harmed parties can find a satisfactory solution. Because these defects range from design issues to actual construction, it is a complicated field of law that most people do not fully grasp.

Construction law disputes and the benefits of arbitration

The construction industry is often fraught with different types of legal disputes. Contractors may face accusations of performing substandard work. Developers may face accusations of not paying contractors. Subcontractors may face accusations of not fulfilling their contract requirements.


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