Experienced Winston-Salem Lawyer Serving North Carolina

"He's a junkyard dog." That's what some people have said about our firm's founder, Winston-Salem attorney Randolph James.

For that reason, clients throughout North Carolina seeking a lawyer to aggressively protect their rights turn to our firm, Randolph M. James, P.C. We can serve clients throughout the state because Randy has been a licensed pilot for 38 years.

He helps clients with a variety of legal matters. His representative work includes:

Protecting clients' rights often means fighting in court. Randy is no stranger to trial and, when necessary to protect his clients, he can fight to win.

A "Junkyard Dog" Approach

It is no coincidence, therefore, that we keep a sculpture of a junkyard dog in our firm's lobby. Randolph James knows his clients retain him to fight for their rights in tough situations.

In doing so, Randy brings to bear more than three decades of experience as an attorney. This experience translates to the seasoned legal judgment clients can depend on confidently. Working with Randy, they understand all of their legal options and how to choose from those options intelligently.

Randolph James Serves Clients Throughout The Entire State

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